How To Enlarge Your Penis With Hand Exercises

You can quickly learn how to enlarge your penis with hand exercises and this will change your life.

When you begin to see results (which is usually very quickly) your sex life will be transformed – your confidence will soar and your sexual relationships will be enhanced forever – so will your pleasure.

So how do you make your penis bigger just by using your hands? And does it really work?

Well I have to say: yes it works and there are a couple of ways to apply the exercises.

Some of the most common natural penis enlargement exercise techniques include:

  • Kegel Exercises
  • Stretching
  • Jelqing

Kegel Exercises
This routine focuses on the pubococcygeus muscle rather than solely on the penis. This is the muscle that stretches from the pubic bone to the tail bone. The goal of this exercise is mainly to delay erections, as that is the function of this particular muscle.

Stretching exercises are commonly attempted but often result in injury. I don’t recommend raw stretching as a way to enlarge your manhood as it is simply too risky and too likely that something will go wrong.

This is similar to ‘milking’ your penis and results in increase blood flow. This method only works if done 100% correctly so make sure you have a guide to follow! Videos would help here too so you can watch and follow EXACT procedures.

Knowing how to enlarge your penis with hand exercises only (i.e. without pills, devices or surgery) will result not only in a longer penis, but also many other benefits including:

  • Your erections will be longer and harder
  • Much more pleasure for you and your partner
  • More satisfying and powerful orgasms & multiple orgasms
  • Premature ejaculation will be a thing of the past
  • Sexual stamina increase

These benefits of exercising your penis will literally change your life. Imagine the confidence you will feel when you know that your woman is admiring your strong penis. It will have you feeling like a new man (and like a real man!).

Exercise to Enlarge the Penis in under 10 minutes a day

So you want to enlarge your penis but don’t want to resort to pumps and pills? I don’t blame you – there are many products out there which are downright bad.

We have reviewed and listed the few good ones on this website. But as an alternative, I’d also like to talk about simple exercises that can help to enlarge the penis – ones that take up less than ten minutes of your day but can have surprisingly great results.

Let’s look at what muscle we are going to be exercising to gain extra penis length and girth. It is called the pubococcygeus muscle (PC).

Pubococcygeus Muscle (PC)
The purpose of this particular muscle is to control your urine system. It also is the cause of orgasmic contractions, so you can see the sexual link. By exercising this muscle you will allow more blood to flow through your penis, resulting in a larger penis, harder erections, better performance and amazing orgasms.

What are the benefits of an exercise to enlarge the penis?

1. Permanent Enlargement
By exercising you are not stretching your penis; you are BUILDING it to be bigger and stronger. This is for the long term.

2. Longer and Wider
Why concentrate only on length? You can make your penis longer AND wider through exercises. Women love a wider penis rather than a long thin one – it gives them a better sensation during intercourse.

3. Powerful Erections
Once your penis is larger and stronger your erections will be harder and will last longer. You will gain confidence both inside and out and will have no problem performing at any time.

These are just three of the very best reasons why doing exercise to enlarge your penis is the absolute best way to grow your manhood totally safely!

So how can you get started?

There are three steps to changing the size of your penis. They should be followed fairly strictly, but you will see results as long as you stick to the plan regularly.

The steps are:

1. Find the Best Penis Enlargement Exercises
There are a few different enlargement exercises that are known to work well. The most famous and effective are the kegel and jelqing methods.
I prefer to use a custom combination of these two, but it is up to you to decide on what will work the best for you.

2. Perfect the Techniques
Once you know which exercises you are going to do you MUST perfect the techniques. There is no secret to this, just practice and more practice. You will soon get the hang of it.

3. Ongoing Exercise
The more you do it, the bigger it will get!
Once you have perfected your penis exercises you will have no trouble completing them on a daily basis.

Learning how to make your penis grow in under 10 minutes a day means that you don’t have to spend hours or thousands of dollars trying methods that don’t even work.

Why waste your life because you want a larger penis? Spend just a few short minutes per day and increase the size of your penis so that you and your partner can have more pleasure every single time.

Benefits of Exercising The Penis for Maximum Growth

Exercising your penis for maximum enlargement is something that many men have heard about, but few actually try themself. The best ways to exercise the penis are not commonly known and unfortunately many men end up doing it all wrong, and then become disappointed with the outcome.

Until recently, most men believed that they were either stuck with an inadequate penis or that they had to resort to painful actions like surgery, pumps and other devices. These things can all cause pain, distress and even damage to the penis!

Let’s look at the benefit of doing proper penis enlargement exercises:

1. It’s Permanent
The exercise you do now will still be paying off in 10, 20 or more years down the track. Unlike other penis enlargement techniques, exercises are for life.

2. More Powerful Erections
Men with a small or even average penis can have trouble satisfying their woman due to a short penis and therefore, lack of erection or a weak erection. Getting a larger penis through exercise also improves your erections.

3. Thicker and Longer
Most outdated techniques like weights and pumps only focus on the length of your penis, and ignore the width. But it is the penis width that will actually make the most difference to your partner!

Having an average or small penis throughout your life is no fun at all, but thankfully exercises can change your situation and your anatomy for the better.

The best ways to exercise the penis for maximum length and width enhancement is by using 2 hands, taking your time and learning EXACTLY how to do it. It will literally only take a couple of days to learn the exact technique that will grow your penis in a short amount of time.

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