How to Exercise Penis Girth – Make Your Penis Wider

If you know that your penis is too small then you have probably researched methods of making it longer. But have you thought of your penis width as well? Knowing how to exercise penis girth (width) is just as vital as making it longer.

Most methods of penis enlargement unfortunately only focus on the length.

Take penile stretchers for example. Now I am not a fan of these devices at all. They are dangerous and don’t enlarge the penis as it should be done.

But putting that aside, they focus strictly on penis length. Can you imagine having a very long thin penis? That is the result of these types of devices.

Women Love Thick a Penis
If you ask any woman what satisfies her most about a penis, most women will tell you it’s actually the width rather than how long it is.

Why is that the case?

Because women have very few nerve endings after you are more than just a few millimetres into the vagina. In other words, she feels the most pleasure around the very edge and just inside the vagina. So a long penis does not actually enhance her pleasure, but a wide one would as it comes into more contact with the surrounding exterior nerve endings.

Of course, when you think of a large penis you generally think of the length. Your focus however should be on both width and length.

Here are some tips for penis exercises:

1. Don’t speed through the process: take your time and concentrate on your exercises and your hands. Rushing can cause damage and disappointing results.

2. Slowly increase the intensity: you can increase the time and intensity gradually so you start out light and over time you can work your way up. Think of it like regular fitness.

Once you know how to exercise penis girth correctly you will reap the benefits of having a wide and long penis.

As you now know, women derive great pleasure from a penis that has a sizeable girth so ensure that your exercises are good enough to enhance this aspect of your manhood!

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