How To Get a Big Penis With Hand Exercises Only

You may have been tempted in the past by penis pumps, vacuums and enlargement pills. Only the very best of these products actually work though, and it’s easy to spend a lot of money and not see results. If you decide to buy a quality enlargement product, you can still use hand exercises to get even bigger and better results.

Thankfully you don’t have to waste your money on products that don’t work. Instead you just need to learn how to get a big penis with hand exercises only, OR combine these exercises with a product which has proven to really work and can help you improve your penis size faster.

The benefits to this approach are:

1. It is totally safe and natural
2. No wasting money on devices that don’t work
3. No putting your health at risk with unsafe pills
4. Do the exercises anytime, anywhere
5. Only takes a few minutes per day
6. The gains are seen very fast and best of all, they are permanent

But you have to get the techniques right or else it just won’t work as you had hoped.

Here are some of the most effective penile enlargement hand exercises that I have been using to rapidly increase my penis length and girth:

1. Pubococcygeus Muscle Clenching
The Pubococcygeus Muscle controls the function of your urine, but it also controls the contractions during an orgasm so it makes sense to focus on it. Both exercises below use this muscle. If you can make this stronger, then your erections will be harder and your penis will appear bigger.

2. Penile Lifting Exercise
Lift your penis up and down through the use of the pubococcygeus muscle.
Try to do it 10 times at first but don’t worry if you can’t make it – it takes practice.
Complete each set (10 lifts) 3 per day.

3. Pulsing Urination
This is a little known technique that involves stoping urination half way through the stream. Do this three times or so per day and make sure you stop the stream for as long as you can every time so the muscle strengthens.

These exercises can be done quickly and at home without the use of any dangerous products that don’t work.

If you are worried that your measurements are below the average penis size, this can have a negative effect on your self esteem and your confidence with partners.

Penis pill and device makers simply do not want you to know the truth about how to get a big penis with hand exercises only. Why? Because it means you won’t buy their products!

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